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6 Useful Tips for Realtors and Apartment Sellers

Techniques used by professionals when presenting housing on the market



— 1 — Tips for Realtors and Apartment Sellers — Interior Photography


When buying a property, it is important for a potential buyer to see the product with their own eyes before they contact you. Better to see once than hear a hundred times. It is very important to post better photos of the interior, because there is nothing more important than the first impression received when viewing an ad. In this case, your ad will not get lost in a thousand similar ads. First of all, buyers pay attention to professional, beautiful and high-quality photos of real estate. Thanks to such photos, real estate is sold not only quickly, but also at a decent price. The best photos of the interior are obtained in natural light in the afternoon, when the sun is already dim. Sunny and bright interiors are more advantageous than dark ones. There should be only furniture in the frame so that the layout is clear, and no personal items. It is also necessary to show the view from the window, the interior of the entrance, the exterior of the house. There should be at least ten photos in the ad for a small apartment and 12–20 for a spacious dwelling. How to prepare your property for photography, we have described in our article.

— 2 — Tips for Realtors and Apartment Sellers — Create an apartment competent advertising

In an advertisement for the sale of an apartment, it is necessary to correctly describe its technical characteristics and competitive advantages. The text should highlight the indisputable advantages of the apartment: a fresh renovation, a good view from the windows, a clean entrance, etc. “You can hook the buyer by emphasizing an interesting layout that will allow you to implement design ideas. For example, to make a living room out of a large hallway, a dressing room instead of a closet, in two-level apartments, you can equip an internal balcony or an area for a library above the first tier.

— 3 — Tips for Realtors and Apartment Sellers — Set the right price


Your own apartment always seems more attractive than similar ones, so sellers often overprice. As a result, housing has been on sale for months. “Sellers who are not well versed in the market are better off contacting an experienced realtor,” advises Karl Musiko, director of the secondary market department at Local Real Estate. – If the owner considers the price offered by the specialist to be not high enough, then you can act according to the following scheme: put the property up for sale at the price desired by the seller, and then gradually reduce it every one to two weeks, waiting for the appearance of buying interest. But you need to understand that it may take more time to sell an apartment than if he immediately sets an adequate price.

— 4 — Tips for Realtors and Apartment Sellers — Clean up and depersonalize the apartment


Before showing the apartment, you need to put it in order: do the cleaning, throw out all the “visual garbage”. If there are traces of leaks on the walls and ceilings, they need to be painted over, it is better to replace the old stained wallpaper with new ones – albeit cheap, but light. It is also advisable to remove personal items from your eyes: family photos, drying clothes, food, etc. The apartment should be as similar as possible to a hotel room. “The fact is that the buyer is trying on housing for himself, and evidence of someone else’s life can cause subconscious rejection, which will be transferred to the apartment as a whole,” explains Stefan Muller, managing partner of the Miel Network of Real Estate offices.

— 5 — Tips for Realtors and Apartment Sellers — Let the buyer feel like a future owner


There is another interesting tool that realtors use. It is good when there is an opportunity to meet a potential buyer at the entrance or bus stop in order to take them to the apartment, at the same time talking about the features of the area and infrastructure. “Together you go up to the floor, hand over the keys to him and say: “Open”. The buyer, embarrassed, takes the keys and opens his future apartment. This technique helps the buyer feel like the owner of the home, as well as remove the barrier between him and the seller, ”said Yones Hoffman, a broker at the Century Home Real Estate agency. It would also be nice to leave the buyer alone for a couple of minutes so that he can walk in silence, get comfortable and think.

— 6 — Tips for Realtors and Apartment Sellers — Prepare all documents

Ambiguities in the documents, confusion about the rights of the former and current owners, the “dark past” of the apartment can affect the decision of the buyer. Therefore, prepare the necessary documentation in advance. It is in the interests of the seller to provide the “evidence base” as much as possible, demonstrating that the problems with the documents have been resolved and everything is legally clear. Buyers can ask for the necessary documents at any stage of the transaction, even at the first viewing.



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